Home Buying Market So Brutal, Some Home Buyers Make Offer Sight Unseen

Las Vegas continues to make the news for its booming housing market, however, the light is not so positive in this article by USA Today. “Crapshoot” is the word chosen to describe our low inventory situation. Although the increased profit margin for sellers is turning heads, it is still just as competitive once those sellers become buyers creating a tough cycle for those with limited time.

As we see the millennial generation take over more and more of the market, non-traditional ways of buying and fast pace decisions are becoming more of a norm. It is not uncommon today for a buyer to see something online they love and submit their offer before ever visiting the property. Rest assured, the due diligence period at the beginning of a transaction is the safety net in these situations.

Even in the high-end market, a well priced updated home moves fast and those who prefer the traditional style of home shopping will face challenges if they are not well informed by an industry expert.

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