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As much as we’d all like to say that moving is fun and exciting, it’s not. Moving day is very stressful. Just about everything we own and cherish is packed into measly cardboard boxes and we literally hire strangers to come in and carry it all away. Our whole life, in the hands of random people. It seems almost everyone has had a bad moving experience at least once in their life, unfortunately.

However, I could not be more pleased to recommend a safe and reliable solution to all of your moving needs.

Zippy Shell.

Zippy Shell is containerized moving, meaning that your household goods and furniture are padded and protected and then locked into a steel container. They are never mixed with other client’s belongings and they are never removed from the container until they arrive at your new home.

Because of this, Zippy Shell experiences damage claims on less than 3% of its moves compared to close to 30% for standard or traditional moving companies.”
– Brian Linsey, CEO

In some cases, your move is not immediate. Zippy Shell provides safe and secure storage as apart of its services. There is no minimum or maximum storage period. Zippy Shell’s clients have access to their goods at any time by simply contacting us and arranging to stop by. We are open 365 days a year, so you have access to your goods anytime you’d like.

Moving out of state? No problem.

Zippy Shell does business in all 50 states and they have climate-controlled storage facilities in approximately 130 locations across the country.

The rule of thumb is one Zippy Shell per thousand square feet of home, so a 5,000 square foot home would typically take 5 Zippy Shells. However, people often forget the things that they have stored in their garage and backyard!

The best part, Zippy Shell is a full-service moving company that provides loading, unloading, packing, crating, shipping of automobiles and sale of moving supplies. Their employees are carefully interviewed, selected and trained. They pay special attention to how their employees interact with customers.

“If they are not unfailingly polite and respectful, they do not make it at Zippy Shell.”
– Brian Linsey, CEO

Zippy Shell was founded in Australia about 15 years ago. In 2010, Zippy Shell began business in the United States and has been operating in Las Vegas since 2014. They have 7-12 movers depending upon the time of year. They also have a Warehouse Operations Manager, Assistant Warehouse Operations Manager and three drivers.

Additionally, they are competitively priced and cost efficient.

Climate-controlled storage is a fixed monthly rate. Compared to PODS or PACK-RAT, they are typically 25-30% less expensive for storage. Local moves are charged at $159/hour or $199/hour based on how large the moving crew is. Long-distance moves are individually priced, based on mileage and services requested (self-load, full-service loading, packing, etc.).

For a top-notch service that has pleased my clients over and over again, the price is well worth the value.

To top it all off, Zippy Shell carries multiple lines of insurance to protect their clients and their belongings. They have commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, inland marine insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. They also offer optional Content Protection Insurance for additional protection on a client’s goods while they are in storage.

When selecting a company to handle everything that is valuable to you, you should do the obvious homework. Ask if the company is insured and don’t be afraid to request proof of insurance.

Absolutely go onto a review website such as Yelp or Google to see what actual customers have to say about the moving company.

Were previous customers delighted or enraged? Past reviews are usually a pretty good indicator of the type of experience that you can expect from the mover you choose. Zippy Shell has 98% Five-Star reviews on Yelp because they are absolutely obsessed with exceptional customer service.

There is no doubt or hesitation when I wholeheartedly suggest that Zippy Shell will be the only moving company you ever hire again.

Zippy Shell
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