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Imagine you’re a home buyer on the hunt for something special. You approach a home that meets all of your criteria on paper, however, once inside it feels confusing and you don’t understand the floor plan. The walls are bare and stark, and the house feels cold from lacking any signs of life.

Your first thought, “I can’t see my see myself living here.” So you and your realtor move on to the next home with beautiful photos and stunning interior design. It doesn’t meet all of your needs, but you fall in love instantly.

This scenario happens all the time. Vacant homes almost never show as well as furnished homes. For this reason, I strongly advocate to my sellers that home staging is something to consider when aiming to receive top dollar for their property. People need to be able to envision their lives taking place in the home. Who can make this happen?

Intuitive Solutions Home Staging.

Based on personal experience and consistent success stories, Intuitive Solutions Home Staging, is a phenomenal resource for improving the salability of a property.

The company was started, owned and operated by an inspiring woman by the name of Jennifer Paxson who took the market by storm. In a recent interview with Paxson, she provided great insight on the staging process and the benefits of transforming a home through staging.

She explained that each design is chosen to accentuate the features of the home, as well as, appeal to the average home buyer in the market today. This may not be the seller’s preferred style for the home but it is strategically planned based on buyer trends and professional expertise.

“It is best to see the home as a “product” ready to be sold. You should emotionally disconnect from the way you think the home should look and trust the experts!”
– Jennifer Paxson, CEO

The process is relatively quick and simple. Her team conducts an in-person consultation to space plan and determine the purpose of each room. Once the client agrees to the terms set forth, a thoughtful design plan is put together with furniture, art, and accessories. It’s then packaged and delivered.

The actual staging part is typically completed in one day depending on the size of the property.

We also asked Paxson about some of her recent staging successes. Specifically, 9 Greely in Anthem Country Club. The property was staged before going live for an asking price of $1,749,000. Within 30 days, the property was sold for 97% of its list price . She explained that the listing agent is a loyal advocate of home staging because he has consistently seen results for his clients.

This 6,400 square foot property received a “restoration hardware” inspired theme that really turned the massive house into a beautiful home. “When the owner, realtor and staging company are all cooperative and agree to pay what is presented in our bid, we can be very successful in getting the home staged properly and sold quickly!”, says Paxson.

Additionally, Intuitive Solutions Home Staging often works with investors whose main initiative is to flip properties for a profit. Even after a home has received brand new cosmetic upgrades, in order to get the most value in the least amount of time, the investor much budget for staging.

They have become a preferred vendor for KB Homes, a publicly traded national builder. It’s a big deal. They are considering trading up into a larger size warehouse to keep up with demand. There has been a recent increase in the popularity of home staging around the valley as compared to recent years. Based on Paxson’s results, I can see why.

Overall, I have never been disappointed in a staging design put together by this team. In her experience, a staged home typically sells in 60 days or less . If your listing is sitting empty and getting little to no activity, setting up a consultation could be well worth your time.

Copyright Jimmy Foster. Market Statistics from GLVAR. Photo & Video Credit The Ivan Sher Group

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